When Will The Games End?

The question we all ask ourselves from time to time. Well, I may have an answer for you…

Before we jump into when the games actually stop, let’s first get a handle on why they’re being played in the first place. By now you all know I’m about keeping things as simple as possible and this is no exception. The big secret of why people play games is because… Are you ready for this one? Are you sure you’re ready? Okay. The real reason you find yourself caught in the middle of game is because you allow it. I know some of you are scratching your head right now asking how on earth someone else running game is YOUR problem, right? Well keep reading.

You cannot take the game out of a person who is fixed on running it. But what you can control is how they run it on YOU. Remember a few rants ago when I said “you are what you settle for?” That applies here as well. People will only do to you what you let them get away with. Okay?

Individuals are motivated by a number of things to do or not do certain things. A person who is known to be a cheater in a relationship, lets say, won’t necessarily cheat in their next relationship. Someone with extreme trust and insecurity issues may not display those things in their new arrangement. Y’all get where I’m going? Because he/she was one way with one person doesn’t mean they’ll be the same with another person. The game is situational and differs with each motivational instance.

The game changes when there is a motivational reason to want something different than past experiences, and that arrival point varies from person to person. Do me a favor and ask yourselves, when will the games end?

– Yolanda Dana