What Are Your Ultimate Deal Breakers In A Relationship?

The other day I was sharing ideas with a friend about possible topics for upcoming rants when he insinuated that my rants are always serious. Okay, he didn’t just hint towards it, he said flat out, “they don’t have to be so serious.” The young man had a point, so I figured why not try something a bit different. With the help of #2RawAt2 (NonFiction Radio) host @Hajirah and guest host @_JelahnKruze, today’s rant will include some input from our readers about their ultimate deal breakers in relationships.

Top Five Deal Breakers

  1. Inconsistency – One thing I can’t stand is a man who isn’t sure of what he wants. Don’t be all go today and all no tomorrow. If you’re still trying to figure out what it is you want, do that, but leave me alone in the process.
  2. Insecurities – I’d like to believe I’m extremely empathetic when it comes to other people’s feelings. But I can’t fix YOUR insecurities. For those of you who tuned in to the show yesterday (#2RawAt2 on Nonfiction Radio, 2-4pm) Jelahn Kruze said that insecurities are rooted from past situations, and I agree with that. But I also feel that no one can truly fix your issues but you. Take control of your own emotions and work through them.
  3. Dishonesty – Plain and simple don’t lie to me. You don’t gain anything by being dishonest because like a boomerang, it always comes back around.
  4. Baby-Mama Drama – At the tender age of 22, I’m finding it extremely difficult to find a male who doesn’t already have an army of children trailing behind him. Now having a CHILD is not one of my deal breakers, but CHILDREN definitely are. To each their own, but dealing with a guy that has a ready-made family and existing problems with his kids mother is not worth raising my blood pressure.
  5. Secrecy – I’m all for keeping things discreet, but understand that there’s a huge difference between privacy and secrecy. The world doesn’t have to know our business, but there shouldn’t be a question of whether or not there’s an “us.”

Here’s what some of you guys had to say about deal breakers

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