Welcoming All Into the Presence of Royalty: I Bring to you, The King, Brazy Boy (2011)

In an exclusive interview with Newark native, Brazy Boy, also known as “King Brazy,” I’ve come to learn some of what makes up the King himself. From the defenseless child watching his mother being attacked to the rap artist taking over his city today, Brazy has defiantly made a name for himself.

brazy_boy_08We’ve all heard your story; Black male growing up in a single parent household in the projects. Tell me, what makes you different from artist with similar stories (Pac,Biggie,50 etc)?

2pac,Biggie, and 50Cent stories are similar because they come from small families, only child or at the max two siblings. I come from a large family, the youngest of 5 boys. I’ve always felt the weight of my family on my shoulders having been blessed with a gift that they weren’t blessed with.

Every artist has a purpose — to prove themselves to the legends, to share their story, or even to simply entertain. What would you say your purpose is?

My purpose is simple, I just want to prove my city can be known for more than just being the stolen car capital (Newark,NJ) and I want to help my city as much as I can.

Your fans have an understanding of who “Brazy Boy” is, but who they don’t know is Aquil. Tell our readers a little about that young boy that witnessed his mother being kidnapped.

I believed I was stripped of a childhood. I grew up way before my time. In “Momma Loves Me,” I speak about watching my mother being kidnapped in front of my eyes. That was my first time ever seeing a gun in person. Unfortunately, it’s that very reason why it wasn’t my last time seeing one. That situation itself is the very reason I was stripped of a childhood. My entire childhood was based on getting revenge and learning how to get that revenge. As far as getting to know “Aquil,” it’s as simple as listening to my music. I rap only what I’ve been through.

The lyrics in “Letter to Boom” seem pretty self explanatory. Elaborate just a little on your friendship with your late cousin. Would you say his passing has played a part in the continuation of your music career?

I wouldn’t say it played a part in my music career, but it did hit very close to home. I love and miss my cousin so much; I can honestly say I’m getting watery eyed responding to this.

Your video, “Arguments” from your mixtape “I live Dat Jungle Life” was dropped a while ago. Let me just say, it was and still is a hit! How was that process for you?

HOT!!! Literally!! It took four different days to shoot it. The first day was during the heat wave 106 degrees in a living room with lights and no AC, 2nd day was also 100 degrees, and the last 2 days were above 90 degrees. All in all it was worth it.

You dropped another video recently, and a new mixtape, correct?

The video is titled “Welcome 2 Da Jungle” based off the name of the hood I come from. Its focus is that in Da Jungle life is so “Korrupted” that crime seems normal. “Welcome 2 Da Jungle” is a track from my newly released mixtape titled “In The Land Of Korruption” which is my 3rd solo project. This is hands down one of my favorite projects & my most rushed project being as though I wrote it in a month with the exception of 6 songs. My favorite songs are “Unnoticed“, “Astor Quitman Music” “True Lies“ and “Team Brazy“. Unnoticed was the one song that wasn’t about myself but still based around a true story. The first verse was written for the young girl Amber Cole who was exposed on the internet for her sexual actions that were filmed. The second verse was written for a young lady from Newark, NJ (My Home) who killed herself and her child. Astor Quitman Music is an all-time favorite of mine because it’s “me”. One straight verse of me telling my story of how I see things & how proud I am of myself. True Lies is a very creative song that my brother Tax G came through on as always. With both of us working together on the song, it was expected to be exactly what it is “a great song”. Team Brazy is just heartwarming. I never knew how much support I truly had until I starting working on that song.

Will we be seeing more of you on screen?

Yes! I’ll be dropping another video within a few weeks which is a secret so I can’t give you all the details but it will be great! I’m featured on my teammate Tax G’s new mixtape titled “Water” which drops 1.1.12. I also featured on another one of my teammates Rob Getit’s mixtape “Time To Get It.” I’ll be working with plenty of artists in and outside of New Jersey. I’m also working on yet another project, which again, I can’t give you any details so stay tuned!

So I’ve noticed you’ve become very popular on twitter. There isn’t a day that I sign on and don’t see something about Team Brazy. What exactly is Team Brazy?

Team Brazy is a supportive team helping me push my music, videos, & name. Team Brazy is my backbone!

You also have a track on your new mixtape where “Team Brazy” members are shouting out where they’re repping from. Now I may have heard wrong, but you have supporters outside of the United States?

Yes! And I am so thankful for that! As of now Team Brazy has migrated to over 7 countries including South Africa, London, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, and of course, the USA.

I’ve also noticed a lot of your followers tweeting “Korruption.” Care to explain the terminology?

Korruption is when someone controls something that isn’t originally theirs, it can be ANYTHING! For example if I say I’ve korrupted a female, it means I’ve taken control over here brain and made her believe things that she have never believed in prior to me korrupting her. As for twitter, when people tweet #Korruption it means they’re taking over your time line. It even goes down to taking over someone’s tweet by retweeting & rearranging the words of the original tweet to fix it to their liking! And that, Korruption!

Anything further you’d like to say to the fans that are walking a similar path to the one you walked a few years ago? Or maybe even to the young ladies that struggle with issues similar to the ones you rap about?

A few years ago I was walking a path leading to prison or death. So if you’re a fan of Brazy Boy and you’re reading this, you can quote me “The street life isn’t life at all. It will only lead to your complete trap of prison or after life, that’s why it’s call it The Trap and #DatAintLiving.” To the young ladies, stay strong and keep faith no matter what situation you’re in. At the end of the day, there’s people out there with worst or similar problems that have reached their goals in life. #BrazySaidIt

There you have it, an exclusive look into the life of Brazy Boy. Be on the lookout for his upcoming videos and mix tapes dropping soon on DatPiff. Also, for more immediate updates, follow the King on twitter, @KingBraize. Until then, listen to his newest mixtape and as always, leave your thoughts.

– Yolanda Danae’