Interview: True Confessions with Nai & Honey of #TheConfessional

Interview: True Confessions with Nai & Honey of #TheConfessional

Once upon a time, talking about what went on behind closed doors with your partner was a no-no. Well, the ladies of The Confessional have broken down that wall and are spilling ALL the tea imaginable! From your most intimate and personal questions, to your deepest, darkest, most sick obsessions and fantasies, Nai and Honey speak on it all! Last week, I had the pleasure (no pun intended) of speaking with these ladies and learned first hand what makes The Confessional such a success. Without further ado, I welcome you into The Confessional.

Nai, Honey

The Sassy Rant: What is The Confessional?

Honey, The Confessional: The Confessional started off as a radio show on Nonfiction Radio. We talk mostly about sex, love and relationships but we’ve managed to turn this into a business. We have our individual things that we do — I’m a poet, Nai is a blogger, and we recently launched our website 

Nai, The Confessional: The Confessional is basically everything everyone else is afraid to talk about. We discuss all of the hidden aspects of relationships.

Honey: We give away every secret about sex, love and relationships, and we do it in a way that people can understand and relate to.

TSR: How was the show’s concept developed?

Nai: It started with blogging and getting more people to be a part of The Confessional. A lot of people don’t read but are into entertainment. So I asked myself what I could do to get more people to be involved in The Confessional aside from just reading posts online. It was actually an old friend of mine who told me about someone she knew who had a radio station and that I should pitch the idea to him. I feel that being able to hear and directly communicate with us was an easier way to get people to become more involved.

TSR: Let’s be real, sex talk is usually smut talk. No one wants to admit that they have an interest in listening to sex radio for tips and other areas they don’t even feel comfortable discussing with their partners. What do you think it is that makes people feel so comfortable being open and talking with you ladies?

Honey: Well, we give them liquor (laughs) that usually opens them up. We talk about our topics ourselves first — we tell our own stories which allows people to feel comfortable in discussing their experiences. There aren’t any gavels.

Nai: #NoGavels. Once they see how comfortable we are talking about certain topics, they’re like ‘ok, I can really be myself, no one is going to be judgmental about what I say.”

Honey: And people can view it as “smut talk” all they want. Honestly, every woman has a little bit of smut in her.

TSR: Some people say that your show and some of its topics are trashy and distasteful, what do you have to say to those people?

Honey, Nai: (in unison) Tune in to The Confessional every Saturday from 8-10pm on NonFiction Radio.

TSR: But you aren’t just all sex, right? Honey, you’re a poet and Nai, you’re a blogger.

Honey: I’ve been writing poetry for a few years.  It wasn’t until 2015 that I actually started performing. Shockingly enough, I don’t do sexual poems at all. I’ve only written one erotic poem and it was for The Confessional. I typically write about any and everything you can think of (with the exception of erotica).

TSR: What do you cover in your blog posts, Nai?

Nai: Everything relationships! I started blogging when a close friend of mine sister launched and I was really the only person who had no filter so they appointed me to cover relationships and related topics. Blogging was just really another outlet for me to really express myself.

TSR: What would you say is the main reason a lot of relationships end before they actually start these days?

Nai: I’ll give you the top two reasons. The first is because a lot of people bring old baggage into new relationships. They aren’t over an old relationship before they jump into a new one leaving their new partner to suffer through it. The second reason is because a lot of people feel like they can’t be alone. They don’t know how to enjoy their own company but expect to enjoy someone else’s. It’s like you rely on that person being there as your source of happiness, but what happens when that person is no longer there?

TSR: Honey, do you think sex is a big issue in relationships? Lack thereof or people being dissatisfied with their partners?

Honey: I think sex plays a big part in most relationships. Like Nai said, you have to be happy with yourself and enjoy your own company. If you know how to do that, sex wouldn’t play such a big part in why many relationships fail.

TSR: At the end of last year, you guys wrapped up with your anniversary show, launched your website and at the start of this year, covered Jersey One Shot.

Fah - The Confessional

Nai: It was amazing! It was definitely different from what we have been doing. Interviewing over 30 artists in one night was very overwhelming but it was great opportunity to meet a lot of dope people. We were able to further expand our brand.

Honey: It really put our interviewing skills to the test. To see a performance then have to come up with questions on the spot as well as getting a feel for the different energies and personalities — it was a challenge, but we handled it.

TSR: You both were extremely vocal on Instagram about being disappointed in the top 12 winners of Jersey One Shot.

Nai: We didn’t have an issue with any of the winners. Our issue was one of our favorite performers not being in the top 12. We support all the artists, but one of the headliners, Khalil Jibran, who had one of the best performances, wasn’t included. We just felt that he, and a few others that were left out should have made it.

TSR: What would you say is your best and worst radio moment so far?

Nai: My best radio moment is every successful interview.

TSR: That’s very generic. I need something more specific.

Nai: (laughs) Okay, the anniversary show.

Honey: My favorite would have to be our interview with Khalil Jabron. I think the interview showed our techniques. We had more than one guest for that show and had to keep each guest entertained and engaged and on topic. I think that was my proudest moment. We also had the CEO of Jersey One Shot and a few other people watching us. It really showed our control on air.


Honey, Nai: And the worst… is there such a thing? Even what we think was a bad show, our guests disagree. Every time we go to the station, no matter how tired we are, if we’re beefing with each other because its been a long week, whatever, we still make sure work is first.

TSR: Before I get to my last batch of questions, I have an interesting question for you both. Are there any taboos left? Once upon a time, oral was taboo. My readers aren’t used to me being so graphic, so let’s just say there were once a lot of things considered to be taboo back in the day that are totally the norm now.

Nai: It really depends on the person.

Honey: There’s always going to be a taboo, it just depends on the time. Oral sex used to be a taboo. Anal used to be a taboo. Once the right person admits that they do it, everyone else will jump on the bandwagon and we won’t think its taboo anymore.

Nai: I feel like it depends on who you’re interested in. Some things you might not try with one person, you’ll be willing to try with someone else. For me, it just depends on the person.

TSR: Nai, earlier you spoke about what you want to come from the show. What are five things you both want to see happen within the next five years?

FULL - The Confessional

Nai, Honey: Definitely a podcast and an active YouTube channel. We don’t want to be known as The Confessional of  NonFiction Radio. Its just going to be The Confessional as we work to build our own brand. Mark. My. Words! We also want to hit TV and mainstream radio. Of course it’ll be late night, you know, when you’re just getting off work and no one else is in the car with you (laughs). We also plan to host more events and have our own production team.

TSR: What’s one piece of advice you could offer readers of  The Sassy Rant since they never read anything (on here) like the things you discuss on The Confessional?

Nai: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Somebody that you think likes you is talking behind your back anyway. People are going to talk about you regardless. You may as well be yourself.

Honey: Don’t be afraid to talk about that  ‘inner freak’ that lives deep down inside you.

TSR: Shoutouts?

Nai: Shoutout to Londiee and The Sassy Rant! Shoutout to the whole Confessional Team. it’s more than just us! When we bring the boys out, they don’t know how to act (laughs). Shoutout to Kamar, Diz, Mark (when he comes through) and Dame. Shout out to everyone who’s been supporting us since the beginning. To the people sliding in our dm’s on Instagram (@_TheConfessional) and drop their confessions or their answers to the topics we post. We appreciate you.

TSR: Before we go, where can our readers listen to the show? And briefly tell us a little about this confession box on your website.

Nai: . You can listen to all of our previous shows and there is a button where you can listen live on Saturdays from 8-10pm. In the confession tab, you can drop whatever confession you need to, but please, USE YOUR VOCABULARY WISELY! Or be very creative as there is no cursing on the website. Maybe space out your letters if you have to curse (laughs). And keep in mind, all confessions can be made anonymously.

TSR: If anyone is interested in booking The Confessional to cover events, purchase merchandise, or to be featured on your show, where can they contact you?

Honey: For serious inquires only, they can contact to be featured on the website.

If you are interested in further exploring Pandora’s box, catch the ladies each and every Saturday from 8-10pm on NonFiction radio. Also, be sure to follow Nai and Honey on Instagram @50ShadesOf_Nai, @_Simply_Honey and @_TheConfessional.

– Yolanda Danae’

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