The Sassy Rant wishes Jay-Z a Happy 50th Birthday

The Sassy Rant wishes Jay-Z a Happy 50th Birthday

I bought my first Jay-Z cd during my freshman year of college. Late bloomer, I know. Thinking back, I can still remember the rush of excitement I felt as “The Ruler’s Back” blared through the speakers in my Dad’s Chevy Equinox.
Like most people, I had heard Hov’s radio hits, but never really took the time to listen to any of his albums from start to finish. That day, I sat in the front seat of the truck and read the booklet insert from cover to cover as the music consumed me.
My fascination with Jay, his music, and his business moves had grown more and more leading up to that point so I needed to familiarize myself with every person he mentioned on those pages. I needed to know the producers of other songs he spat out, the instrumental details, the mailing address listed inside, shoutouts, everything!

The Blueprint would go on to become one of my all-time favorite albums and be the source of many quotes on my walls and posts on my social media.

This album was special to me then and even now. It not only pulled me in as a true fan, but a true student of his work in and out of the booth.
Blessings on this December 4th as we join the world in celebrating Jay’s 50th trip around the sun!
– Yolanda Danae’

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