The Krowning of A King [Interview]

Four years and three projects later I’m here with hip hop lyricist King Braize once again for another amazing project. Similar to our last interview, Braize opens up exclusively to #TheSassyRant about some pretty personal topics.  Without further or due, I present The Krowning of A King.


It‘s definitely been a while — I’d say about four years since we last interviewed for your iLive Dat Jungle Life mixtape. You’ve clearly been moving a lot since then, but let’s jump right into In The Land of Korruption 2. You had two successful projects since ITLOK, and left listeners with no indication that there would be a part 2. What made you revisit that chapter?

Doing unoriginal beats—all industry beats. At first I had stopped and was doing all originals, but then I got the urge to start goin’ off on other peoples beats. So I’m like, ‘if I’m gonna put together another tape using other peoples beats, why not bring back a part two to the most successful tape that I’ve had using industry beats.

In a radio interview recently, and even in one of your songs, you reveal that this project was actually supposed to drop Fall of 2014. What was the delay?

In August around my birthday, I bought a studio and pushed the tape back so I could focus on building the studio and have the tape recorded in three days. That was my mindset. I thought I’d have the studio but everything just went wrong. In the midst of that, it just seemed like everything around me was going wrong. 2014 was a very terrible year.

Elaborate on that…

In 2014, I lost like five people, I was homeless for about a month, lost the studio, had my car stolen on my birthday… yeah, it was just f**ked up.

More recently you shared with the world your heartbreak over the sudden passing of your sister, Amirah. How has the situation impacted you/your music, and your ability to continue progressing?

I wanted to quit. I didn’t want to do anything. But I know how she was and how she is with me and my music… that’s the reason I changed my bio on Twitter to, ‘If I don’t shine, @aMirahOnTheWall is gonna kill me.” Because it’s the truth. So.. my whole mission now is just based on her. I changed my company’s logo to have her face on it because I have to remind myself, that’s who I’m pushing for.

You tweeted ‘Hug from you 2?’ is there a real possibility of that happening?

Whew! It’s a strong possibility that I might do it. But if I do it, it’ll be a freestyle. Probably an original beat… probably an industry beat… who knows, maybe even the same beat.

We all battle some tough situations in life, you in particular… How have you managed to pull through those situations?

I honestly don’t know. I wish knew. Part of me wishes I never had to. I don’t know, its just every situation…every time something happens I just hear people saying ‘be strong,’ or I hear them telling me ‘you’re so strong.’ But after this recent thing, I don’t even want to be strong anymore. I don’t want to be strong for anybody. I don’t want this at all… I don’t wanna be “the guy” for everybody anymore. I ain’t trying to be strong anymore.

On a lighter note, you have two videos out now, 78 to Easton and That’s Bae feat. Jelahn Kruze along with Jungle Gym feat. Jumbleez dropping soon, what else can we expect from this project?

I have a show on March 13th with Joe Budden and Cory Gunz at The Mansion in Brick, NJ. Another show April 16th with… nah, I’m not gonna say who the show is with, but it is a major name. More music is coming honestly – I’m in a rare form. I might do something I’ve never done… there’s a possibility I may drop three projects this year… might even drop four. That’s how I’m feeling.

We have several mixtapes, dozens of features… we need answers, when is the album coming?

The album is coming this year.

Can we have a date? Spring, Summer, Fall?

No. *laughs* There’s no date on when the album is coming. But It’s definitely coming this year and is titled “Gold Mind” with the first single being “Car Sex.” And all of that will be coming to you VERY, VERY, VERY soon.

In the last post, I declared this #BraizeSeason and listed my top five favorite songs on In The Land of Korruption 2. Give us your top five favorite on this project.

Hostage, Draft day, The Last Rose,That’s Bae, and 78 to Easton. Hostage because when I was done with that song, I felt accomplished. Even if the person I wanted to notice the song never notices, it still feels like an accomplishment. I feel like I outdid my idol (Nas). More importantly, in the first verse you can hear sound effects that go along with my story. And I want people to know that those effects were already part of the beat. I wrote MY story around the sound effects and still made it work. After that song, I didn’t really care who got a chance to hear it, I just told myself and knew in my heart, ‘I’m the greatest storyteller of all-time’ and regardless of if the world acknowledges it or not, I know it’s the truth. And that’s why I love that song. As for Draft Day… that was my hurt song.

Well, who were you hurting over?

Uh… let me get to it. Draft day was my hurt song. That was me just getting out of a relationship; angry and writing. I was in a long relationship with a young lady and it’s that same young lady I wrote “Life Outside the Bedroom, 13’ Bonnie & Clyde, same young lady I was talking about on the song, Courtesy of Quitman on those four bars when I was saying how she hold me down. And you know, that was one project ago, which was two years ago. Now this project, I have three songs that’s about her: Draft Day, Stay, and Roses.

So do you care to tell us who that person was? Are they still in the picture? Or do we take the song for face value and realize that it’s over?

Uhhh… take the song… take everything as it is. For y’all to really know what’s going on I guess you’ll have to wait for the next tape because that’s what happens. I don’t speak too much about it, I write about it. So if out of the blue I just drop a freestyle and it’s on some R&B/Love type sh*t, you can put the pieces to the puzzle. At the end of the day, I don’t hate that person, I do think about them from time to time. But you know, life happens, so I’m okay with that..

I just have one more question about this then we can move on. It seems as if you’re inspired a lot by your personal life situations, with women in particular. Would you say it’s a gift and a curse because you get great music from it but a curse because of the emotional turmoil you have to deal with in order to get to the music?

To be honest with y’all, the songs that have nothing to do with women are actually the ones inspired by women. And I lot of people don’t know or understand that. I get into this mode where the women in my life – I try to impress them with my music. So when it comes to songs like Life Outside the Bedroom, I was really going through something, so I wrote that song for/about her. But it’s a lot of songs I have out there that I wrote for a specific female and had in mind like, ‘yo, I’m gonna play this for her and she’s gonna love this.’ From then I just try to go crazy with the bars. Even on “regular songs,” songs that have nothing to do with females.

Shout outs?

Shout out to Quitman. Shout out to Krown movement and shout out to anybody in the world that heard or knows of In The Land of Korruption. If you read this interview and it makes you go back and listen to chapter one, shout out to you.

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– Yolanda Danae’