Sure You Can Talk, But Can You Perform?

Talk less, act more. Let’s jump into today’s rant.

When we’re finally in the works of doing something we’ve had in mind, we are eager and excited to share the news with everyone. We typically start running our mouths to any and everyone who is willing to listen and even those who could care less — like people on Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter. So now you have this self-created buzz of when your new venture is set to take sail. Your friends are bragging about you, even your grandmother is telling all her friends at the senior center that her grandbaby is the next big thing. Okay, so you have the hype, the support and the anticipation in pocket… but then something happens. You run into a problem without an immediate solution. You lose interest in the venture. You might even be afraid to pursue it. Either way, you’ve let down a lot of people.

Today’s lesson is simple: if you aren’t ready to ride something out, don’t bother stepping inside the car. Not just that, don’t invite the world to have front row seats of your departure. If you aren’t sure of what you want, if it’s going to actually work, or you aren’t fully invested in it, stay quiet until the time is right. It’s not a race against the clock nor is it a competition. Stop thinking that because someone else is sailing a new ship that you have to rush and to do the same. Ever hear the old saying “haste makes waste”? Well, it applies in this situation. Doing a rush job in the beginning can and will actually slow you down when you are finally prepared to move forward. And by that time, the people you had cheering for you in the beginning will be reluctant to do so because you now have a reputation for boasting but falling short when it comes to putting those words into action.

Simply put, the world doesn’t want to see you practice. The world wants to see you perform.

– Yolanda Danae’