Since You’ve Been Asking…

Since You’ve Been Asking…

A lot of times, I wish I had more to say. More experiences to share, more advice to give. But the truth is,  I sometimes feel like I’m running out of content. You know that moment when you’re on a plane and the stewardess is passing out coffee? They’re getting closer to you, but it seems as if there’s just way too many passengers in the way? Finally, when it’s your turn, you reach out your cup in excitement and down trickles remnants of a once full pot of Joe. I feel like with this blog, I’m at my last few drops, leaving you all disappointed when you hold out your cup.

Every week I tell myself, new post on The Sassy Rant — and every week I find myself coming up short. Do I talk about my growing interest in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle but struggling because of baked chicken and crispy bacon? Do I share with you my anxiety about getting older and not being the youngest, smartest person in the room anymore? Would you be the least bit interested in reading about how sometimes I feel like the ugly little duckling who’s awkwardness is too much to hide? Or maybe reveal that my biological clock is ticking louder and louder and I haven’t been on a real date in months? Who really wants to read about this stuff?

So to those of you who’ve been asking why I’ve been so inconsistent in 2017, that’s why — because I feel like these experiences, with the exception of a limited few, have not been worth writing about. In the year ahead, I hope to identify my muse, experience #MoreLife , and have some stories worth sharing.

Until then, Happy New Year my Loves!

– Yolanda Danae’