She Did That… Again!

She Did That… Again!

Yo Class of 2017, I’m happy for you, but Yolanda Danae’ had one of the best graduation ceremonies of all time! Well, maybe the ceremony wasn’t all that, but I definitely was! Graduating with my Masters has absolutely granted me bragging rights and I’m not letting anyone shame me on my success this time around! From staying up well after 3am to finish papers and having to be right back up at 7am for work, leaving work (in the city) early to rush to the subway, then the train (back to Jersey), then to my car, then to class (all in a 2hour window). From being mentally exhausted and having anxiety sometimes linger a moment too long. From telling my friends how (at my last semester) I didn’t think I’d make it through, to being here in this moment. I’m amazed myself, you know? Like wow, I did that… again!

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This isn’t going to be a long post, but I just wanted to take the time to thank my family and friends who’ve all, in some way or another, aided me on this two year long journey. And before you all start saying to yourselves, “she better add my name” I’m not including anyone’s name so bam! My friends and family know exactly who they are, so to you all – THANK YOU! Thank you for picking me up after my class ended at 9:40pm (after you had just gotten off work yourself). Thank you for checking in with me daily when my sister passed away a month after I started the program. Thank you for making yourself available to talk whenever I reached out and for reaching out on your own to make sure I hadn’t allowed my anxiety to get the best of me. Thank you for our lunch (and once breakfast) dates which sometimes was just made up of shots of patron silver (chilled of course, with a lime J) and popcorn. Thank you for reminding me of how proud you are of me, sometimes, just out of the blue. Thank you for understanding every time I had to cancel plans to finish an assignment. Thank you for letting me know you’re watching, proudly, although we barely even speak these days. Thank you for the tough love, for the Londiee, you have sh*t to do, stop the excuses and get it done!” pep talks.  Thank you for listening to me vent time and time again about school, work, and life in general. Thank you for being one of the first people to post about anything I’m doing. Thank you for getting me out of the house and being the Queen of #YOLO (even though I’m not built for happy hour on weeknights, especially after graduation). Thank you for being the big sister I never had but always wanted. Thank you choosing peace and encouraging me to do the same.  Most importantly, thank you ALL for being such amazing people, for having my back, and giving me the opportunity to have yours!

– Yolanda Danae’

(Class of 2017 MBA Graduate)