#SassySpotlight: Sharonda Salaam, Creator of Prospère

#SassySpotlight: Sharonda Salaam, Creator of Prospère

The Sassy Spotlight…



Sharonda Salaam is the creator of a blossoming clothing line fittingly named, Prospère. Over the years, I’ve followed her career via social media and watched as her pastime quickly turned into a lucrative full-time career allowing her to enjoy the creative freedom and control that many of us only dream of. What’s most admirable about Ronda is her dedication to her craft; and that is one of the main reasons why she is our first #SassySpotlight feature. Working two jobs within the retail industry, she kept her focus on the bigger picture and refused to allow her reality at the time to hinder her dreams. This young woman had a vision and refused to stop until she saw it come to fruition and for that, she deserves some recognition.

Today not only marks the one year anniversary of #TheSassyRant, it is also Ronda’s 23rd Birthday. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and InstaGram @InRondaEyes to wish her an extra special Happy Birthday and visit www.LeProspere.com to order your handmade garments for the season!

– Yolanda Danae’