QueensKnow Pop-Up Shop & Panel Discussion Recap!

QueensKnow Pop-Up Shop & Panel Discussion Recap!

As you all know, this past weekend I visited Somerville, Massachusetts to speak on panel hosted by a dear friend and Founder of QueensKnow, Keisha Jean-Louis. Early Saturday morning, I packed up the car and hit the road for the nearly four hour drive. Hopefully you’re following @TheSassyRant on InstaGram and were able to keep up with some of our posts from the event. If not, keep reading, this recap is full of details!

Before I begin, I’d just like to share a little background with you all about Keisha. While attending Felician University (still College at that time), we had a few business classes together and seemed to connect on particular night while I was working in the library. However the conversation started, we both shared our dreams of wanting to be on the scene and eventually starting our own organizations. This conversation happened a few weeks before we graduated with our Bachelor’s Degrees. Within the months ahead, without either of us knowing the plans of the other, we both went to work on bringing our ideas to life, and before you know it, we were back in contact talking about her vision for the QueensKnow brand, and The Sassy Rant. So to see everything unfold brings me great joy not only because she’s a good friend, but because I know the work she’s put into this.

At the start of the event, Keisha acted as moderator and asked us ladies a series of questions; what our greatest obstacles were, how we overcame them, and any advice we had to offer individuals in the room who too were on their paths to success. What fascinated me the most was how each of us (the panelist) had different stories and trials, yet we were all connected by one thing – dedication.

In these Queens, Sha TooReal Peters (Money & Violence), Char (Plus Size Beausion), and Alison T. (Vlogger, AoshinSays), I could see the dedication in their eyes and hear the passion in their voices. I was inspired and left the venue with feelings of confirmation, motivation, and overall good vibes. As Keisha noted during the event, there is no reason why we as women can’t look to one another and be encouraged as opposed to having feelings of envy when we see one of our sisters doing her thing. Again, it was truly an honor and a privilege to sit alongside these amazing women, and I do hope you all take the time to connect with them to learn more about their journeys.

Lastly, I want to send special acknowledgements to the opening performer, KayO, who shared some of her spoken word prior to the panel; To the owner of Villeside491, Jabir, for allowing us to utilize his space; to the beautiful ladies who not only decorated the space, but also were the models of the QueensKnow new Spring collection, Manisha and Jay; The photographer, Adrianna Lee who captured the whole thing; Sarah, who provided the delicious cupcakes; and last and most certainly not least, each and every Queen and King in attendance.

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– Yolanda Danae