Should I Have To Ask If You’re Single?

Should I Have To Ask If You’re Single?

About a week ago, an old friend reached out to me to inquire about how I had been doing as of late. After a few days of small talk, the conversation transitioned to us now discussing details of our last time speaking, reminiscing on the “good times” and ended with his assurance to be around long term. For whatever reason, I wasn’t moved by his statements seeing how his inconsistency played a big part in why we stopped speaking in the past. The next day I felt compelled to ask, “Are you single?” minutes later he responded, “Not at the moment.

So the question remains: Should the person you’re, flirting with, offering to take on dates and basically treating like a romantic interest (unrelated to the situation above) have to question your relationship status? Author of Dear Women I Haven’t Slept With, Book One and Book Two, Bryant A. Buntin, suggests (via InstaGram) that a person didn’t lead you on if you assumed instead of asking. He also however, adds that whether you’re dating one person, or a few people, there are things you shouldn’t omit like your criminal history, living arrangements, and importantly, relationship status. In my own opinion, there should be no reason for one to be pursuing or insinuating any romantic involvement knowing they are already in an established relationship with someone else.

Make it a habit to lay all of your cards on the table in the beginning. Don’t lead a person to assume, by your words and actions, that you’re looking for romantic involvement or commitment when in reality, you’re just looking to have some fun on the side. Lastly, ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW. You can’t trust that everyone will be honest in how they choose to respond, but you do have some control in what you know by what you ask.

– Yolanda Danae’

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