Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

In a recent conversation with an acquaintance, I was told that I’d always be single because I require too much. I was informed that because of my “high maintenance attitude” I would never find the perfect man, since that’s what it seems I’m in search of. In all honestly, perfection is just a fragment of one’s imagination. In that regard, perhaps I am waiting to be swept off of my feet by the imaginary man that frequents my daydreams. Maybe the man that comes to find mind when singing along to Brian McKnight, Ginuwine, and Dru Hill, is who has me clicking my heels in anticipation. Either way, he’s not perfect, and that I believe, is what is most alluring about this mystery man. 

Everyone says there is no such thing as the perfect man, but what if I told you he does exist? Would you believe me, or would you go with the clichéd masses and protest against my claims? If perfection is merely a fragment of one’s imagination, wouldn’t that mean if “you can believe, you can achieve?” Isn’t what I put into the universe guaranteed to always come back to me, good or bad? So why is that notion so different when it comes to relationships? Mr. Perfect exists inside my mind therefore, he’s out in the world somewhere. Now let’s get into what he’s made up of.

Aside from being 6’3+ with a beard, a nice smile and chocolate brown skin, Mr. Perfect is family oriented. He understands and values the importance of building and maintaining the Black family structure. He is capable of leading not only himself, but his wife and child(ren). Mr. Perfect is aware of his higher self. He has (and continues) to reach new levels of consciousness through obtaining knowledge and spreading light to his people. Mr. Perfect is commanding yet humble. He is a hard worker and requires nothing short of his partner. Importantly, he recognizes, accepts, and fearlessly acknowledges the God that is within him.

Does this not exist? Is there not a man who comes home after a long day of work and wants nothing more than to be catered to by his Queen? Maybe I’m reaching, but I know without a doubt that Mr. Perfect is out there. I’ve met him a few times in the past, of course, on different paths – he on his journey to finding himself, and I, in search of ways to identify myself. In time, our paths will intersect and the dream of perfection will become a reality.

That last paragraph read like it came from a love stricken hopeless romantic who’s obsessed with Shakespearean literature (laughs) — But I digress. With this rant, I hope you not only get a glimpse of my softer interior, but that you realize that you can have exactly what you want, not only in love, but in all aspects of life. This world is full of people who have regretfully settled and will do everything in their power to get you to do the same. Block them out, and work towards obtaining all the things your heart truly desires.

– Yolanda Danae’