Just Like You, Women Bait Men Too!

Just Like You, Women Bait Men Too!

Yeah I said it, women bait men too. Ladies, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Have you ever been scrolling on the gram and come across a guy you know only on Instagram because you followed one another from Twitter and found each other there because you were friends on Facebook and only there because of Myspace? Well, this guy posts a picture with a few of his boys. You like the picture, but can’t help but wonder who the cutie is with the dark brown skin, long locs, and the perfect smile.He isn’t tagged, so you search through the comments and hope to see a “good looks bro” or a “last night was a movie” comment. (Are people still calling wild nights a movie? I’m not as hip as I used to be with the slang kids are using these days.) Anyway, after realizing he isn’t in the comments, its only right that you search through all 140 likes. I mean how else are you going to find him, right? Well after what seems like forever, you finally find his page and even though his page is private, you can tell by the smile in his avi that it’s him. Patiently you wait, constantly checking your following count to see if its increased. A day or two goes by, you get approved, and go back to the hunt. Okay, he posts irregularly (this explains why he took so long to approve me), mostly pics of him and his family. All of the pictures with kids are clearly noted as #MyFavoriteNiece #QTwithMyNephew #FamilyOverEverything, and so on. So its safe to say he doesn’t have any kids. No #wcw posts so maybe he’s single? *Scrolls some more* Like. Like. Like. Like.  *sees post about a book he’s working on* Got it! Now you have your conversation starter. But hold your horses sis, be sure you get a few likes back before you jump in his dm… or before he slides in yours. (Rule of thumb: Never slide in the dm’s until AFTER you get some likes back). Not long after, the two of you are discussing his book, your love of spoken word, and have scheduled a meet up at a local coffee shop to continue the conversation. Fellas, what you’ve just witnessed here was a bait. You now how y’all set the scene when trying to bag shorty? Well, sis just pulled the same thing.

Even though the story above is totally made up, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t baited a guy or two… or three in the past. The object of the game is to let him think he’s the one running the show when in fact, sis initiated and chose him to be a part of it. There’s no shame in baiting, albeit there will be some folks reading this post and wondering if in fact they’ve been baited. What us ladies are doing is merely helping the fellas to make good choices as we are obviously the best choice if we’re going through so much trouble. Feel me?

Fellas, next time you get a random request on Instagram and only see one name where it says “Followed by…” in her profile, more times than not, she’s baiting you. If not to add you to the team, then it’s to play P.I. for her homegirl. Its an unavoidable part of life guys, deal with it. And when shorty has taken the time to hunt down your profile, like more than three pics, and hit you with at least one comment, be a gentleman and slide in the dm’s — we shouldn’t have to do all the work.

– Yolanda Danae’

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