Honoring the Life of Breonna Taylor | Maplewood / South Orange, NJ

Honoring the Life of Breonna Taylor | Maplewood / South Orange, NJ

We’d like to take a moment to thank these four amazing women who put together yesterday’s vigil in honor of #BreonnaTaylor on what would have been her 27th Birthday.

Women, Men and children alike of all ages and races showed up in the rain in support of our sister Breonna. The stories we heard yesterday validated some of our own experiences in the South Orange / Maplewood area, the good and the bad.

What seemed genuine however, was the shared realization that even in what is considered a diverse community, there is still a racial divide. And in acknowledging that divide and not allowing these microaggressions to go unchecked, there is the potential to have SOMA / MASO really erase the hate.

Thank you Samantha, Sittra, Brianna and Zoe for creating a space to not only honor Breonna, but to also promote peace and equality within our own backyards.

– Yolanda Danae’ | photo credit: Elsa Garrison

On March 13th, in the middle of the night, Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police as they illegally executed a drug raid at the wrong address for a person they had already arrested earlier that day.

An aspiring nurse, she had dedicated her whole life to serving others. Until her death Breonna had been working as an EMT in Louisville when the coronavirus pandemic hit, working at two hospitals to save lives in her community.

She survived repeated exposure to COVID-19 only to have her life cut short by senseless police violence.