Hello August

Hello August

July was rough for many people, myself included. Hopefully August is better. Let’s dive in.

Now before you all start babbling about how I haven’t been devoting much time to #TheSassyRant, I do want you all to know that along with the daily stresses of life, I’m in the process of converting all of these old posts to our new home, TheSassyRant.COM which should be fully functional in the weeks ahead. And to you know-it-all’s out there, it’s more than “copy and paste.” Nonetheless, I’ll be adding two new sections to the site — Interviews (self explanatory) and Sassy Spotlight! There’s so many of you out there doing great things that should be recognized. That being said, The Sassy Spotlight is MY platform for YOUR talents. There is also a contact form on the new site where you can submit your inquires about submissions for #TheSassySpotlight. Did I mention you’ll be able to purchase your Sassy Rant t-shirts on the new site as well? So yes,  I’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure all my duck are in a row. Please be patient with me.


You guys remember my segment on #KrownNFR every Friday from 6-8pm? Well that’s over. As of THIS Friday, we will now be known as #ThePreGame on NonFiction Radio with myself, @HereWeGoMar , @DJShyMoney13 and a new addition to the team, @Tah_Skywalker. Be sure to tune in by downloading the Live365 app and searching “NonFiction Radio” OR by going to NFPRadio.com and stream live.

Hopefully this explains my absence. Until next time…

– Yolanda Danae’