Getting Back to The Basics

Getting Back to The Basics

Sometimes you have to stop overthinking it and just do it. For a few weeks now, I’ve been wanting to really buckle down and get my thoughts out. But for some reason, every time I sit at my computer, there’s always a distraction. Finally though, I’m here with a pen and pad and actually doing a thing.  Now let’s talk about my top five takeaways from 2020 now that we’ve put that year to rest.

1. What’s t come is often better that what was lost

About a week before the world shut down, I was leaving the nail salon when my car was struck by an ambulance. After weeks of playing hot potato with their insurance provider, the company reneged on their initial agreement to pay for the damages. At that point, my beloved Malibu was deemed a total loss. Though my adventure buddy, Blue, was paid off, reliable and simply what I was used to, she was due for a little facelift. About a month later, I came across “Brown Sugar” and brought her home. A newer car wasn’t part of my plan, especially in the midst of a pandemic, but it was time for an upgrade that I otherwise would have put on the backburner.

2. Quarantine was lowkey the break you needed

2020 was a year like none other, yet the calendar has changed and we are still here making the best of what we’ve got. For so many people, myself included, it has been an emotional battle dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty of c-vid, the continuous attacks and killings of Black Men and Women, and being on lockdown from the life we once knew. On the other hand, we’ve had time to spend with and learn more about our families, friends, and ourselves. We learned new skills and hobbies, and made time for personal, spiritual and emotional development. And for that, I’m grateful.

3. The value (over and under) of your relationships

Virus aside, this year has revealed many relationships in my life that were one sided, over valued or undervalued – on both sides. My big sister Rah (@EmpressCollections) has been cautioning about this change in relationships for some time and now it’s unraveling right before my eyes. I am ascending to new heights with a smaller tribe and stronger sense of self, and doing so with grace and gratitude.

4. Spiritual grounding is key while undergoing spiritual transformation

In a general sense, this year I was called to really hunker down, study, and apply. What I’ve learned is that no matter how much you try to hide or mask the hurt, you can’t escape your healing. It needs to happen in order to reach the next level, beloved.

5. Acknowledge, accept and apply your power

It is a simple concept. 2020 presented me with a few obstacles but it also revealed my power. Now and ever forward, it is crucial that we stop denying our greatness for the sake of comforting others. Your power is your God-given gift manifested into the flesh the day you entered this world. No one can take that from you. But you must own it. Acknowledge what it is. Accept that it is yours and that you deserve it. Most importantly, apply it to every aspect of your being, always prioritizing your greatest good.

– Yolanda Danae