E.B.O. Beard Butter And The Man Behind The Magic!

E.B.O. Beard Butter And The Man Behind The Magic!


What’s more attractive than a handsome man with a beard? Well, a man with a healthy one. Apparently, it’s levels to this ish when it comes to sporting a beard. I’m sure you all know of at least one man whose crumb catcher could use a little extra attention. Well, we’ve certainly found the magic to tame even the unruliest of beards – E.B.O. Beard Butter. In an exclusive interview with Edward Oliver, the organic beard butter creator, he shares with us his motivation for creating such a product, the importance of quality ingredients, and how these butters not only benefit his male clientele, but their female counterparts as well. Let’s dive in!

Sassy: Tell our readers a little about yourself

Ed: Well my name is Edward Oliver Jr., [but] everyone calls me Ed. I’m 24 soon to be 25 and I’m from Washington DC. I’m a regular dude really, just enjoy regular things — friends family shopping and running my businesses. I went to Norfolk State and graduated with a business degree in the fall 2013. Now I’m just running my business E.B.O Beard Butter trying to take it to the next level.

Sassy: Yes, the beard butter! I’ve followed your Twitter account for some time now — initially because of the plethora of beards. I later discovered that the reason for all the beards was because of your magic butter. What inspired you to start making your own product?

Ed: Well what inspired me is that I’ve been growing my beard since 2012 and it grows but it didn’t have that feel or that look I wanted. It was rough and hard to manage… So I searched the internet for products and found some but they didn’t cater to my type of hair. To be honest, it was more for people with straight hair which my hair isn’t. I talked to my mom about helping me make my own stuff because she makes organic products and she helped me come up with something. It was [really] just a hobby for me for myself — I wasn’t selling it. Just something I used but people noticed the difference in my beard throughout summer 2014 so in November after countless people suggested that I sell it, I put it out for the public.

Sassy: Without giving away any of your special ingredients, what goes into this stuff? I know you said that your Mom makes organic products, is E.B.O organic as well?

Ed: Well the base of it is Shea butter, coconut oil, and some essential oils. I also add a few other good things in it that I can’t give away but it’s all organic. No chemicals or preservatives in its creation. My mom plays no games when it comes to making products going on peoples bodies so if I was going to do it, I had no choice but to make it organic. That’s definitely a good thing because so many products we use contain harmful chemicals and I’m proud to say my product doesn’t contain any of them.

Sassy: You’re absolutely right. We never really read the packaging before we apply things to our skin and hair. And being African-American, many products on the shelves are marketed FOR us but do not cater TO us. So kudos on being organic!


Ed: That’s 100% true because I can’t just use anything on my body (laughs) so I’m glad that I provide something people like but isn’t secretly hurting them.

Sassy: Since it’s made with natural ingredients, what is the typical shelf life of each jar?

Ed: The funny part about it is I’m still not sure about the shelf life because people go through it so fast (laughs) My customers literally love it they tell me they use it on their beards, skin, etc. One of my customers told me that his wife uses it on her locs! He barely has enough for his beard (laughs). But the longest I’ve had a jar is about 8 months because I lost it in my closet and when I found it, it was still in good condition.

Sassy: Okay, okay. So customers do get a good amount of product that last a good amount of time. You mentioned that one of your customer’s wives uses it on her locs. That was actually my next questions for you — is it good on hair and can women also use it.

Ed: Yes, it’s good on hair! A couple of customer’s don’t even have beards they use it in their locs. Some women have even told me they use it on their edges. It’s turning into something bigger than what I imagined it would be. It’s becoming more than just a product it’s becoming a movement.

Sassy: So now we have men using it on beards, women using it on hair… believe it or not, many women are looking for ways to naturally grow their eye brows. I, being one of those women, have searched high and low for products that work and have found nothing. Do you think this is something that would work for brows?

Ed: I’ve had two women contact me and purchased my product for their eyebrows and they told me it was successful. To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure but so far I have a 2 out of 2 success rate for women who use it on their eyebrows (laughs).

Sassy: I’m sure after reading this interview, a few of our lady readers will be interested in finding out more.

Ed: (laughs) I hope so — and be sure to tell them Valentine’s Day is approaching so if you want to get that special guy a gift, grab him some #EBOBEARDBUTTER

Sassy: You started creating this butter because there wasn’t anything on the market that catered to your needs. Do you expect to expand your product offerings? Or stick to the business of beards?

Ed: Yes outside of working on new beard butters I have a shampoo that I’m working on that will be coming soon as well as some natural hair products for all the ladies because they have been in my mentions heavy telling me I need to make stuff for them too.

Sassy: Well make sure you keep posted on the progress since you are now a friend of #TheSassyRant

Ed: I appreciate that for sure and you know whenever I release new items, you will be 1 of the first to know. Who knows, later down the line we could possibly collab on a special edition product for women. I’m just thankful to you for reaching out and giving me an opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you.

Sassy: Now that would be bomb! Looks like our readers will just have to stay posted to see what happens next 😉

Ed: Definitely will #EBOBeardButter x #TheSassyRant

Sassy: And please, no need to thank me! It’s imperative that we not only support small businesses, but black business in general.

Ed: Very important. Everything we need is in our community. We shell so much of our money out instead of circulating it in our community but I feel like times are changing and we are seeing what we need to do to sustain us.

Sassy: Absolutely! That being said, would you ultimately like to have your product picked up by a global brand such as L’Orèal? Or would you rather maintain control and stay in charge of selling your butter on your own?

Ed: I would rather maintain control so that I can continue to do things my way and be able to make sure my product stays true to what I want it to be. I feel I can reach the same levels as those companies if I continue to work hard.

Sassy: We are made to believe that we can’t make it without a backing by these companies, but in all honesty, we can… and many of us do. Remain true to yourself and your brand and you’ll continue to reach new heights.

Ed: I will! I know it’ll take me far and open doors to create something great and leave a legacy out here for my future children to build on.

Sassy: Absolutely! What is your favorite butter, and what is your best seller?

Ed: It’s hard to pick a favorite they’re like my children (laughs) It varies depending on my mood. My best seller is a tie between the Mango Madness, Ladies Love It, & OMG. Those three are the ones all my customers constantly order but I have so many other good ones to pick from. What’s funny is I have customers on their way to me now wanting to pick up jars.

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Sassy: Which butter do you recommend for women to use?

Ed: Many women love to buy the Mango Madness, Cherry Blossoms, Perfect Peach and the OMG.

Sassy: So now our lady readers have four options to choose from. I think I’ll try the peach perfect or the OMG first.

Ed: Either choice is a good choice. Don’t sleep on that Cherry blossoms either (laughs)

Sassy: I want to thank you for chatting with me today about yourself and your E.B.O. Beard Butter. Do you have any shout outs?

Ed: Shout out to the Higher Power regardless of what you believe in. Shout out to my family and friends for the love and encouragement. Major, Major shout out to my customers! Without y’all, I wouldn’t be here so I appreciate and love every single one of you. And shout out to #TheSassyRant for having me and I hope to be back soon!

Sassy: How can our readers connect with you online?

Ed: Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Young_Edgod. They can like my business page on Facebook E.B.O Beard Butter, by email at ebobeardbutter@gmail.com and of course my placing an order at my web-store at www.etsy.com/shop/ebobeardbutter

– Yolanda Danae’