Does It Make Me Desperate If…

Does It Make Me Desperate If…

When a woman is vocal about what she wants for her life, she’s said to be bossy, controlling, and some will even say she’s demanding. But why is it that when she expresses her desire to have a romantic relationship, she’s looked at as “thirsty” or “desperate”? Because a woman has decided to make a serious effort in finding “the one” and has no problem expressing that, she’s desperate? I think not.

On my way to work one morning, I overheard a man (I’m naming him Tyrone) talking on his cell phone to what I’ll assume was a male friend. For arguments sake, let’s call him Mike (because who doesn’t know a Mike, right?) Anyway, Tyrone is telling Mike about a woman he’s had his eye on and had recently taken out on a date.Only thing I don’t like about ol’ girl is that she always acting so thirsty on social media. Always post’n relationship sh*t and talking about wanting a man, and bullsh*t like that. I assume that Mike must have agreed with him because the next thing Tyrone said was, “Exactly, that sh*t is a turnoff. If you want a man so bad, keep it to yourself and let one make his way to  you on his own.” I sat there a while a little confused by what I had just heard. Was this perception shared by all men? I mean, of course not, but still, did it take me eavesdropping to realize it?

So this rant is sort of me asking you fellas out there, is there something I’m missing? I’ve been known to drop a  lil “I’m single and ready to mingle” type of post every now and again. You know, just in case future Bae is out there wondering if I’m still on the market (which I most definitely am 😉 ) But seriously, am I and women like myself coming off a little desperate and in turn running off men who would otherwise be interested? Personally, I’ve never thought of it to be an issue, then again, I’m not a man. I’ll end this post here until I’ve had some time to talk to other men about it. And I want to hear YOUR insight as well! Do you find it “thirsty” or “desperate” when a woman is posting her relationship status, or lack thereof? Is this something that would stop you from pursuing her in the future? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or on our Instagram page. And until we get to the bottom of this, ladies, I encourage you all (us all) to keep on posting until further notice!

– Yolanda Danae’

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