Can Long Distance Relationships Really Work?

Recently, one of my followers on Twitter asked “Do long distance relationships work?” Well, anything has the potential to work, I’d like to believe, if those involved are willing to make it happen.

Before committing yourself to the idea though, here are some things to consider.

How long will you be apart? : The first of many questions people don’t ask but want to know. Will this physical separation be for an extended amount of time (year long basis) ?

Do you trust them? : Do you trust that your partner will do right by you even when you or your friends aren’t around to monitor?

Do you trust yourself? : Now this is way more important than being able to trust your partner. There’s a world full of temptation outside the comfort of your boyfriend/girlfriends arms. Can you stand strong or will you give in?

Is the relationship worth it? : Most people will say that their relationship is worth the effort, but is it? That’s for you and your partner to discuss. But be honest with yourself, is this something that you really want for the long run?

In my honest opinion, anything has the potential to work as long as those involved are willing to give 100 percent. But, you’ll never know to what extreme you’re willing to go for a person until you’re actually presented with the situation. In this case, as well as others, remember that all good things worth having are worth fighting for.

– Yolanda Danae’