#BraizeSeason: In The Land of Korruption 2

#BraizeSeason: In The Land of Korruption 2

As many of you may know, yesterday hip hop lyricist and Newark native King Braize released one of the most anticipated projects of the year, “In The Land of Korruption 2.” The mixtape is a continuation of Braize’s third solo project, “In The Land of Korruption” which includes some of my faves like “Astor Quitman Music,” “Unnoticed,” and “Welcome 2 Da Jungle.” Before we jump into my top five favorites on this new project, take a moment to watch the mixtape’s single, “That’s Bae” feat. Jelahn Kruze. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXUa6b3i9XQ&w=560&h=315]

Top Five Favorites: In The Land of Korruption 2

1. Stay – “Foolish to hold on to nothing but yet I’m trying… Heart crying for my needs but my wants got me bias… When we’re fighting it gets worse as Xerxes & Leonidas… We’re two tyrants that become patriots when reunited…

2. That’s Bae – “Never trippin’ and since you’re with it, let you call me by my full name… Even give you all my attention during the Bulls game…”

3.  Hostage – “Tunes tell if I had a bad day or trouble in paradise… I write songs like stay or draft day… Giving those facts away, lyrical vulnerabilities when I infatuate, somehow I feel it makes me great.

4. Wake Up Now  You ni**as got the one… Better pray that it’s not for the right situation… Or this day will be a long one…. If I trip, all expense on ya life’s vacation…

5. Draft Day – “Damn, had to trade away my Deng topic of discussion… Cause she barely put up buckets but did my D some justice… but Defense ain’t winning games so I had to cut her… I would probably miss Deng but I got Jimmy Butler…

Have you had a chance to listen to the project? If not, take a minute and indulge in some authentic music — you won’t be disappointed. Nonetheless, it’s evident by the moves he’s been making that King Braize is taking over the month of March. As a result, The Sassy Rant will be following this young King’s progress over the next few weeks dubbing this #BraizeSeason. Be sure to use the hashtags #InTheLandOfKorruption and #TheSassyRant and let us know you favorite tracks!