Because You Asked Me About Jussie…

Because You Asked Me About Jussie…

Most times, I keep my thoughts on sensitive matters such as this one offline. Not because I’m not affected by it, but because greater issues lie ahead that I haven’t always been willing to address. Racism + homophobia are two very prevalent issues in our community and around the world and I think its time to acknowledge that there are people who suffer the attacks of both.

Jussie was attacked for 3 reason: 
1. Because he’s Black
2. Because he’s gay
3. Because this racist system has no real measures in place to protect either of the aforementioned groups.

As an advocate of the traditional black family structure — black husband + black wife, inserting myself anywhere that does not 100% support that notion contradicts my stance. Ahead of my views on family construct though, is the unification of all black people — despite sexual orientation, religion, or personal preference. I realize that refusing to acknowledge these occurrences creates a bigger contradiction in my efforts to heal, uplift, and empower the individuals who look like I do and share in my struggle. 

Jussie was attacked because he is a black, gay man who lives in a country that supports + encourages the actions of his attackers. I extend my love + prayers to Juss and the many black men and women who have been subjected to such hate and violence. No matter your opinions on his or anyone else’s personal choices, understand that these are people of our blood and deserve to be protected. 

All Love,