Another Successful Cocktail Conversations Event!

Another Successful Cocktail Conversations Event!

On October 6th, we hosted our 2nd Annual Cocktail Conversations panel and celebrated The Sassy Rant’s 4 year anniversary! I’m pleased to share that to my affirmation on August 14th, Cocktail Conversations was a sold out event! While preparing for this event, I paid special attention to details I overlooked last year. We had a bigger, better venue with free parking (apologies to anyone who got stuck with a parking ticket), delicious food, and top notch drinks!

My goal was to create a memorable experience where guests had the opportunity to hear 5 men discuss not only their issues with how masculinity is defined, but their solutions to problems they face as Black Men in America.

This has been such an experience, and I’m truly grateful for every single person who helped to make this event a success!┬áBe sure to follow The Sassy Rant on Facebook and Instagram to see some of the pictures from this years event.

By the way, mark your calendars for Cocktail Conversations 3, I’ll see you on October 5, 2019!

Yolanda Danae’