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Yolanda Danae’ is the Creator of The Sassy Rant, a brand and blog that discusses the real life accounts of a millennial woman on the verge of changing the world. Based in Newark, New Jersey, The Sassy Rant has become a digital collection of personal survival stories documented by Yolanda, a charismatic twenty-something who’s experiences a real, raw, and  relatable. Similar to the conversations held at your weekend powwows, she uses her encounters to share lessons on dating + mental health, the importance of ownership, and encourages readers to shoot their shot on goals + aspirations. Through hosting her annual Cocktail Conversations events, Yolanda takes on the task of addressing societal misconceptions, as they pertain to men and women of color. In her own words, “We are not what they say we are, but what we know ourselves to be.”

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