A Note in Honor of International Women’s Day

A Note in Honor of International Women’s Day

I started The Sassy Rant in 2014 as a way to express myself authentically through writing. It was never my intention to have to the platform become anything more than a space to document my thoughts and experiences for me to look back on down the line.

Over the years through, my words have positioned me to be of service to other women in a way that empowers them to engage with a diverse group of individuals while also amplifying their own voices.

Again, this was not initially my intent, but The Universe has her way of aligning us for our greatest good. Over the last 6+ years, I have worked both publicly and privately to improve the quality of the collective Black Experience, particularly within urban communities. I’ve volunteered my time for the benefit of our children, and often served as a point person in connecting people with resources. I’ve pulled together my experience and interests to curate our Cocktail Conversations panel series to address the unspoken issues within our communities and identify solutions to resolving them. I’ve hosted workshops and private meetings to help women reignite their inner fire and hit the ground running towards their purpose.

Having done all of this, none of it would have been possible without the women. It was a woman who first gave me a shot as a writer for her magazine in 2011. It was a woman who saw my vision for Cocktail Conversations and sowed the first financial seed into The Sassy Rant. It was a woman who said, “I see that you want to do it all but baby you need to find your focus.” Over the years, it has been women who show up at the right time, with the right type of love and sisterhood.

Today I give thanks for each and every woman who has aided me on this journey. For every woman who has given me tough love, been a sister-friend, and a member of this tribe. For as much as I have given of myself, I have equally been a recipient of your giving unto me.

Today and every day is ours, may we acknowledge this and celebrate daily for ourselves and each other.

– Yolanda Danae’