2nd Annual Cocktail Conversations on October 6th!

2nd Annual Cocktail Conversations on October 6th!

The Sassy Rant is back with our 2nd Annual Cocktail Conversations event happening on October 6th! This year, we’ll be discussing masculinity amongst men of color at 1 South in South Orange, NJ. Will you be there?Last year, we hosted cocktail conversations and focused on sisterhood amongst women of color. The turnout was more than what I expected and from what the guests told me, the event was one they wish to attend more than once a year! While we work on putting together these types of mixers on a seasonal basis, take a moment to enjoy what’s to happening right now. I’ve gathered 5 incredible men from various backgrounds to dive into their personal challenges with upholding what society defines as being masculine and what they know to be the true meaning. This topic was inspired by the book “So Frail: A Reality to Black Male Masculinity” written by Racine McGee.

After much success at last year’s panel, I decided to come back with something especially for the men. This dialogue is a necessary one, especially during times where men of color everywhere are under attack. In addition to external factors outside of their communities, many of these men are challenged daily within their various social circles. Identifying these issues is merely part of the job, it’ll take discussion, action, and a commitment to black and brown men — all of which I stand in solidarity with, and support wholeheartedly.

That in mind, I hope you consider joining us on October 6th at 1 South Restaurant. Last year we had a great turnout for the women, let’s show out this year for the men! Tickets are now available for purchase and can be reserved at ForTheFellas.eventbrite.com

– Yolanda Danae’



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