10 Things To Remember When Following Your Dreams

10 Things To Remember When Following Your Dreams

It’s an amazing thing to watch someone live in their passion. In a way, it’s actually inspiring and often gives us the extra push we need to step away from our fear and follow our dreams. This burst of motivation puts you on an extreme high… that is, until something or someone comes along and knocks you off your cloud. But not to worry, we’ve come up with a list of tips/things to remember to help keep you on track when things get a little rocky. Be sure to keep this going by sharing with your friends and adding your own tips to the list.1. It’s YOUR vision – People will discourage you from following your dreams because they themselves don’t believe they are capable of doing such a thing. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they are pushing their fears onto you. Remember, not everyone is going to understand your vision. And not everyone is supposed to understand.

2. Perfection is just glorified opinion – This is a lyric I heard in a song from Ne-Yo a while back that stuck with me. It means that there is no real definition of what perfect is. Perfection is nothing more than what an individual believes it to be. Quit labeling others as being perfect and accept the fact that you, my dear, are pure perfection.

3. Be afraid and do it anyway – Fear will stop you from moving. It keeps you locked right where you are… where’s the joy in that? Better to be afraid and later have a story of how you moved beyond it than to be sulking in your own misery wishing you would have kept going.

4. Surround yourself with people who have more – I’m not sure how some of you will take this, but I advise everyone to be around people who have more than you have. More money, more success, more education, more knowledge, etc. Being around people who have more than you do forces you raise the standard you’ve set for yourself. When you are constantly around people who have what you have, know what you know and have been where you’ve been, you aren’t challenging yourself to learn and grow more. Complacency is ambitions number one killer.

5. Know what’s happening – Expand your vocabulary. Know what’s happening around the world. Nothing is worse than being around individuals who are discussing a topic that’s been in the news and you’re unable to contribute to the conversation because you aren’t aware of what’s going on.

6. Protect your space – Its so cliché, but good vibes only! Have you ever been in a room with two people who are angry with each other? What about when you’re in a bad mood and you walk into a space where everyone seems happy, ever notice their facial expressions when you enter the room? Your energy is felt by everyone. Be selective of who you invite into your space and be mindful of the energy you’re putting out there. People will notice.

7. Stop to smell the flowers – You’ll never ever have this feeling in this moment again. Be present and in the moment. Take the time to bask in your accomplishments.

8. Hear the critics – There are two types of critics, the ones that hate for the sake of hating, and the ones that shine a light on your shortcomings. Don’t dwell in either of their remarks, but the critics that will bring attention to your weaknesses are showing you areas where you need improvement.

9. Be humble – Life has a way of pulling your card when you become too full of yourself. Show appreciation for what you have and pay it forward.

10. Have faith in YOU – You are your best and most worthwhile investment. Protect that. Love that (Valeisha Butterfield-Jones)

– Yolanda Danae’